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Getting Started: Your Showreel

Your free showreel (some call it ‘portfolio’ or just ‘reel’ or ‘work samples’) on is probably the most important factor in getting your next project, shoot or freelance gig. We can’t stress enough the importance of an up-to-date showreel.

A showreel is nothing but a collection of your latest (work, college projects or personal) pictures or videos or both.

Benefits of having an up-to-date Showreel

Before we begin, let’s talk about a few benefits of your showreel:

1. It’s a free promotional site for you.
2. No showreel. No work. It’s that simple. Production Houses and other people interested in hiring you look for your pictures and videos on your showreel before they shortlist you for any job. If you haven’t uploaded anything to your showreel, there is no way for them to understand you or your work.
3. It makes it really easy to people to find and connect with you directly from your page without making your phone number public.
4. Higher Search Rankings: Up-to-date and maintained showreels tend to rank higher on IcrewedUP search. That improves your chances of getting a project.

Now, let’s quickly get your showreel up and running.

Step 1: Upload a profile picture.

1. Go to or click on the profile image in top right corner of your screen.
2. Click on Edit Image
3. Click on ‘Choose File’. Upload your picture.

While you are here, also verify your phone number, Designations and Phone Number. And don’t forget to click on Save Profile button once you are done.

Step 2: Create Folders

1. Go to or click on ‘My Showreel’ in the bottom bar of your screen.
2. Click on the Add Folder button.

3. In the popup that opens, give a name for your Folder. You can call it anything – Ads, Film Work, Celeb Shots, College Project, Selfies etc. Depending on what you need.

4. Add a description, if you would like to talk about the work you are going to upload to the folder.
5. Click on OK.

Your new folder is created.

Step 3: Upload Files to Folder

1. Click on a folder in ‘My Showreel’ to open it.
2. Click on one of the two buttons on the right side of the screen which say ‘Add Youtube or Vimeo link’ or ‘Upload File’.
3. Add YouTube or Vimeo Videos: Choose this if you already have your videos uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo. You can then directly link to them without uploading them again. This option works for videos only.
4. In the popup that opens, copy paste the link to your video on YouTube or Vimeo. Note: Add direct link to your video. Playlists and Channel pages links are not supported.
5. Edit the title of the film if you need to.
6. Add a description.
7. Click on Add to Showreel button.

8. Upload Files: Select this if you want to upload your images, audio or even video files directly to your showreel.
9. Click on Choose Files button and select files to upload. You can add only one file at a time.
10. Add a title and a description.
11. Click on Upload.

You will see all the files you have uploaded in the folder.

Your files are uploaded to the folder.

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat the steps above to upload as much as you need. We recommend a minimum of 5 uploads at least in your showreel. However, it’s a good practice to add your latest work to your showreel on a regular basis to keep it updated and relevant..

Let’s have a look at your showreel

Your showreel link can be found on your My Showreel page at

Click on the view button below the link and have a look at your shiny new showreel.

What Next?

All the hard work is done, now it’s time to reap the benefits. Your showreel will now be automatically eligible for new opportunities, shoots, audition or other projects. (Provided you have uploaded at least 5 images / videos to your showreel). But you can do more with it.

Promote your showreel

1. Share your showreel link next time anyone asks you for your showreel or pictures or portfolio or work samples. Everything is ready and professionally designed.
2. Set your showreel link as your email signature. That way whoever you communicate with can keep a track of your work and can directly contact you for any project.
3. Set as your website on Social Media. You can use your showreel link as your website on your social media accounts. All social media services like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc allow you to add a website to your profile. You can set a website on WhatsApp Business also.

Add your Profile to your showreel

You can add a lot more about yourself to your showreel.

1. Go to
2. In About Me to add a short para about yourself.
3. Click on ‘Save Profile’ to save changes you have made to your Profile

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