Compared to the interconnected professional networks of the white collar world, the network of movie professionals is a barren wasteland where production houses feel their way to find freelancers in a murky exploration of “Hey, who did that ad?” A friend of a friend of a friend recommends you to that ‘awesome company’ that worked on an Indi project all those years ago. You find their obsolete phone number on the web and end up with yet another dead end.

And merely finding the right contact doesn’t solve it all. Is the project the right one for you? Are you being paid right? Does it really take this long to put together a sci-fi set? And so on. There is a lot of passion for movie-making, but passion without the tools is just a vague dream.

We are passionate about the industry. And luckily, we are also tech buffs. So we started IcrewedUP, as a place for freelancers and production houses to discover each other with minimum fuss.

If you are a movie professional looking for an interesting project or just some gig to pay the bills, IcrewedUP is a place for you to find that work. Look up the list of production houses and get in touch with anyone you want to work with.

If you are a production house looking to put together a crew, be it an award-winning director or a cheap stuntman who can do somersaults, IcrewedUP is a place for you to find the right people for the right job. Go through people’s showreels, see what they are capable of, and start working together.