IcrewedUP Benefits

If you've got it, flaunt it.

Free Showreel

Everyone gets a cool and sassy free showreel on IcrewedUP.com. Upload images, videos or audio. Or just add your YouTube or Vimeo Links.

Lot more shoot food coming your way...

Freelance Jobs

Applying for a freelance film job on IcrewedUP is as easy as liking an Insta post. Only difference is - you get paid if you get the job.

Team Up on ICrewedUP

Find People

Looking for an assistant or someone local in a new city? All you need to do is ask - our crew search. Sign in to explore.

Filmmakers tell stories. Throughout the lunch.

IcrewedUP Chat

We filmwalas love to chat. To show-off, to impress, to trying-to-get-married and what not. Well, how can we not let you do that.


What is IcrewedUP.com?

IcrewedUP.com is an online platform to connect professional crew, talent and services with freelance projects for clients, Production Houses and the entertainment industry.

You can sign up on IcrewedUP as Crew, Production House, Actor, Services, Client/Agency.

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How do I sign up on IcrewedUP.com?

Click on ‘Sign up’ in the top right hand menu bar. Choose your category (Crew, Production House, Actor, Services, Client/Agency). 

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Getting Started: Your Showreel

Your free showreel (some call it ‘portfolio’ or just ‘reel’ or ‘work samples’) on IcrewedUP.com is probably the most important factor in getting your next project, shoot or freelance gig.

A showreel is nothing but a collection of your latest (work, college projects or personal) pictures or videos or both.

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How do I search for a crew member on IcrewedUP

Type in the name of the person or the designation you are looking for in the Search box.

Once the results are displayed, you can filter them further if you like. The results include their profile image (if uploaded by the user) and highlights from their showreel.

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