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Why is my showreel not showing up in Search?

Search results are based on what you in your Showreel information. If you want to improve your ‘searchability’, ensure that you add titles and descriptions to all your folders and the items within each folder.

For e.g. if a user is searching for crew with experience in the auto space, your showreel will only be considered for that search if the word ‘Auto’ is in a folder or folder item title or description.

Uploads in a Showreel also affect the rank of the Showreel. Ensure that your Showreel and Profile are as complete as possible. Create folders to club types of work or club work by clients to make your showreel easier to browse. Remember that a blank showreel creates a bad first impression and you are unlikely to be considered for any job without showing a good number of work samples and a complete profile.

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