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How do I search for a crew member / service / production house on IcrewedUP?

Type in the name of the person or the designation or service or the name of the production house you are looking for in the Search box. If you are logged in, you can access Search from any part of the app just by clicking on the search icon in the top bar.

Once the results are displayed, you can filter them further if you like. The results include their profile image (if uploaded by the user), designations worked as and the city of the user.

You can filter results by Freelancer / Production House . You can also hide showreels that do not have any data / uploads.

You can message people by clicking on the ‘Chat’ button.

You can view showreels by clicking on the name of the person in the search result.

Use the Search box below to search for Freelancers / Production Houses / Production Services /Actors.

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