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  • Work with people you don't know. Or work with people everybody knows.
  • Work with crew from Bollywood.
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  • Want to work with foreign producers? IcrewedUP Global Connect.

Features for Production House

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  • Thousands of verified freelancers to choose from.
  • Over 300 categories of film production crew.
  • Search for crew by profile. See their showreel or contact instantly.
  • Shooting at a new location? Find local crew.
  • Make shortlists. Evaluate. Decide. Or share.
  • Always wanted to work with someone? Approach them.

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  • Want to work on foregin jobs? IcrewedUP Global Connect.
  • Want to work with new agencies? IcrewedUP Agency Connect.

IcrewedUP is currently in beta (not the tape duh!). Search and some other cool stuff will be live soon.